Contribtastic, the Uploader Version 2

What is it?

Contribtastic is a replacement for the old EVE Central Market Uploader. It is constantly watching the cache directory of your EVE-Client and picks up the market information. So you don't need to hit the “Export” button over and over again. Just browse the market in your EVE-Client while Contribtastic is running in the background. Contribtastic will pick up the market orders automagically and upload them to EVE-Central.

Current Status

The latest version is 2.1.1

For bug information, see: or read the development blog at

All you need to do is install, and play EVE. There is no longer any requirement to “Export to File” in the EVE client.

The application comes with a Windows installer. Source code will compile and run on Linux and Mac OS X, however a Mac OS X specific native application is in the works.

Downloads are available at, source code is available at Mac beta download is available at


I get an invalid path, or nothing is being uploaded

Make sure the “Using folder:” field mentions the “CachedMethodCalls” folder at the end of the path. On Windows 7/Vista, this is usually at:

c:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_(x86)_ccp_eve_tranquility\cache\MachoNet\\3xx\CachedMethodCalls  (64-bit)
c:\users\yourname\AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_ccp_eve_tranquility\cache\MachoNet\\3xx\CachedMethodCalls (32-bit)

On Windows XP, this is usually at:

C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\Local Settings\Application Data\CCP\EVE\c_program_files_ccp_eve_tranquility\cache\MachoNet\\3xx\CachedMethodCalls

In 3xx above x stands for a digit. If you have multiple 3xx folders, use the one with the highest number.


Contribtastic is one of two things:

  • A complete re-write of the Uploader into a native application
  • An adaptation of the wxPython uploader to use libevecache


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