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eve-central:start Open Source

Did you know is Open Source? The entire website (excluding proprietary user data) is offered up under the AGPL 3.0 license.


From the README file:

Welcome to the source code to, the oldest and still the most popular cross region EVE market browser site.

I (Yann) have decided to release the source code behind the site in order to foster new development activities and allow for community contributions to the core of the site. I believe in open source software, and hope this model can be successfully applied to

The license chosen here is nothing unusual, and does not prevent running the code on another system (should the main EVE-Central servers cease to exist for whatever reason). The goal is to maintain as the primary instance for this codebase. If you so choose to run it on another system, please remember that the code is licensed under the Affero GPL, REQUIRING you to release the source to users who simply visit the network service, in addition to retaining all copyright notices where a web-user will see them. If you have more questions, see the LICENSE file for details. still deeply respects data privacy of our users. There are components which will not be made public in the form of database dumps. For example, market transaction information, user login information, e-mail addresses, API keys, and corporation website contents. These all include sensitive personal information.

Not all code is available in the initial dump, nor is the old historical code available (back when it ran under mod_python and was even more ghastly). The internal git repository was never intended to be a “public” release, and would take a significant amount of work to correctly filter out any embarrassing parts.



You miss a feature? Want to fix a bug? See here how to set up a development environment on your local machine for development and testing.

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