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EVE-Central APIs

Web APIs

We have a set of XML and JSON datafeeds available to query pricing information from your own application, killboard, or website. But first, the rules:

  1. This is direct from in game data and has some usage restrictions. If you are unsure what that is, please see the EVE-Online Terms of Service.
  2. Do not query type IDs which do not exist in the market over and over! Its a waste of resources. This irritating practice will lead to swift bannination if I see it. Type IDs do not extend from 1 to 100000000000. Use the CCP data exports to figure out which types actually have a market group.

It is advisable to set a custom User-Agent header when requesting data to determine the source application. We can also add you to the “Applications using EVE-Central” section on our page.

CORS is enabled for all APIs.


Nov 19, 2012: CORS support is enabled.


This API uses parameters in the form of a form submission. The following form parameters are allowed:

Parameter Usage Required Can be specified more than once
hours Statistics from the last X specified hours. Defaults to 24. False False
typeid The type ID of the item you are requesting. I.e., 34 for Tritanium. Can be specified more than once True True
minQ The minimum quantity in an order to consider it for the statistics False False
regionlimit Restrict statistics to a region. Can be specified more than once. False True
usesystem Restrict statistics to a system. False False



Quicklook is no longer supported.

quicklook path

No longer support


No longer supported




This URL is in a RESTful style. Substitute XXX and YYY with the either the exact system name or the system ID.



Mail (SMTP) Push

EVE Market Data Relay

EVE-Central operates in and participates with the EVE Market Data Relay project.

For more information, see the documentation:

CSV Daily Market Dumps

These CSV files contain all of our user provided uploads dating back to 1/15/2006. Sure to be a boon to those of you who like lots of data to chew on. Note that this isn't a static price dump of prices for a day; instead its every market log that was uploaded appended end to end (though in-file sorting is not guaranteed). …. There are of course some historical caveats:

  • All timestamps are in Pacfic time (7 or 8 hours off GMT depending on daylight savings time, designed to make your life more interesting) up until October 2007, when we moved to GMT/UTC.
  • Buy order ranges were incorrect for 2006 (ancient history, I know)

The dump files are available here: The first tar file in the directory is a combination of the first file set, saving you time vs. downloading it file by file.

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