Unified Upload Format Implementations

The following software and sites implement Unified Uploader and Data Interchange Format


Site Version Implemented Endpoints Methods Gzip Deflate
EVE-Central.com 0.1 http://api.eve-central.com/api/upload POST (entity), POST (formdata, key = “data”), PUT X X
EVE Market Data Relay 0.1 http://upload.eve-emdr.com/upload/ POST (entity), POST (formdata, key = “data”) X X
Eve Addicts 0.1 http://upload.addicts.nl/upload/ POST (formdata, key = “data”) X
BattleClinic 0.1 http://api.battleclinic.com/api/upload/ POST (formdata, key = “data”) X


Client Client Versions Version Implemented
Contribtastic 2.1.0 None
Contribtastic Mac 2.1.0 0.1
Yapeal WIP 0.1
EVEMon >= 1.7.0 0.1
EVE Market Data Uploader (EMDU) git 0.1
EveHQ >= 2.12 0.1
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